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Your kids'll like that money-in-the-bank feeling, too.

You and the young ones can save the way you want - when you want - with these awesome tools from a Kids Savings Account.

  • Automatic Savings Plan Opens a new window: Kids can learn how cool (and easy) it is to stash away cash (like part of their weekly allowance) on a regular basis. They'll quickly catch on that putting savings on autopilot can really add up.
  • Multiple Accounts: You'll all get a kick out of opening up to 25 accounts (for free, of course) and giving them nicknames like "new tablet will rule" or "B Day Checks Keep Coming."
  • My Savings Goals Opens a new window: Tracking and celebrating great saves is what it's all about - and My Savings Goals is a fun way for you and your kid to get there sooner.


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