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What's a Kids Savings Account?

You're a Saver, so why not get the kids in your life on a savings journey of their own? Take them on the road today with our Kids Savings Account. It's an exciting way to show kids just how much fun saving can be. Open an account and:

  • Teach them to be good little Savers with a kid-friendly variable Annual Percentage Yield (effective their own sign-in info and a bunch of hands-on savings tools to boot.
  • Have the "money talk" early by showing youngsters that stashing cash away is easy. And fun.
  • Play it safe because the deposits are FDICFederal Deposit Insurance Corporation-insured and you're still in charge of all deposits and withdrawals.

It's never too early to put the little ones on the road to financial independence. Ready to get going?


Call 1-800-289-1992 to chat with a real person.