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January 2014

Happy New Year, Savvy Savers.

We'd like to wish our loyal Savvy Savings Tips readers a happy, healthy and wealthy New Year. Together, we're making 2014 the year of the Saver – check out this fun New Year's message Opens a new window to help kick things off.

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Everyday Savings: Let's "share" a few travel savings ideas.

These days, there are plenty of ways to share and save on just about everything – travel included. From alternative lodging and bike share services to renting cars by the hour or day, it's never been easier to save money on roadtrips near and far. Check out some money-saving "sharing marketplaces" (as they're called) for travel – then, transport your cash that extra mile.

  • Find a place to stay the un-pricey way. Looking for a treehouse, sailboat or a more swanky crib in the heart of your favorite city? You can grab big deals on lodging with sites and apps like Airbnb Opens a new window. This online community marketplace is a great destination for anyone looking to book – or list – alternative accommodations. On just about any budget.
  • Take a hike on a bike. Hailing a taxi can be pretty expensive. Why not get some cardio around town by bike? Handy free apps like spotcycle Opens a new window and Bicyclette Opens a new window can help you find nearby bike stations, scenic paths and the shortest pedals A to Z. Grab your smartphone and hunt for free or affordable bike share systems in Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Seattle, San Francisco – you name it. And rent some bike spokes for an hour, day or week of sightseeing.
  • Baby, you can drive my car. Car payments are a drag and gas prices show no signs of slowing down. You can rent wheels to motor away. Zipcar Opens a new window, for instance, eats the price of gas and offers 180 miles per day for free and affordable annual memberships and hourly rates. Hitting Indio, Coachella or Firefly music festivals next year? Don't forget rideshares like Zimride Opens a new window which can help you find some nice people headed your way.

So next time you're planning that trip out west, to the islands or overseas, factor in all the alternative ways to save on where you stay and how you get around. It will leave you with more cash for the important stuff – like a cool insider tour or a night out on the town.

P.S. Looking for some "social" ways to save on travel this year? Head over to our Savers' Community Opens a new window to find out what other Savers are up to in Capital One 360's social circuit.

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Save@Home: Stay home with your New Year's resolutions the appy way.

We always try to give you helpful tips to save at home throughout the year – from DIY repairs to getting the most of your homeowner's insurance. Now that 2014's here, we want to share some handy apps and tools to hit your savings resolutions right where you live.

Check off each resolution, but don't forget to have some fun along the way: indulge in a little Angry Birds Star Wars Opens a new window, Words With Friends Opens a new window or whatever the hottest game is this week. We're sure you can think of many other ways to celebrate your appy New Year's saves.

P.S. Here's another tip to help you reach your savings resolutions – at home or away from home. Check out My Savings Goals Opens a new window to track what you're saving for in 2014 and beyond.

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